As the name implies, the abundance of casuarina trees exaggerate the invigorating blue waters and the soft golden sand grains of the Casurina Beach. The Casuarina beach is in the Karativu islands, one of the largest islands in the peninsula and considered to be one of the best and favoruite beaches in the Northern Province. People from different parts of the world entertain themselves by paying a visit to Casurina Beach. It is approximately 19km away from the town of Jaffna which is roughly a 45 minute drive by direct bus from the town and it can be reached in just 30 minutes from our Abbi Guest House, whereas private transportation amenities offer lesser time to reach the destination from Abbi Guest House.

A travel to Jaffna never fulfills without visiting mesmerizing Casurina Beach with its spectacular tranquillizing waves, soothing sand and location in isolation from the cities that offers such a calming effect that leaves tourists rejuvenated. One of the things that lure visitors to the beach is crystal clear water and is free of any sort of pollution.